Teenagers jump under a waterfall in the hot springs pool and throw their hands in the air.

Take a vacation from the daily grind!

The Adventure Area in the Weidener Hot Springs World

A bubbling, gushing experience, a fast ride in the giant water slide, or an exhilarating tour through the whitewater channel – action and relaxation go together at the Weidener Bathing/Swimming World.

The thermal area

A woman relaxes on the underwater benches in the hot springs pool.

It's bubbling and gushing: The large thermal pool with an indoor and outdoor area is a true oasis of relaxation.

Relaxing on the underwater platforms, letting yourself float in the current, letting your body be kneaded by the massage jets, enjoying the Caribbean feeling under the waterfalls and a touch of Iceland in the geysers – the 30° C thermal water is a true balsam for body and mind.

The giant water slide

A boy is sitting at the top of the giant water slide and has just slid down.

With a great sweep into the tunnel, then on to the bend  – to the left, to the right – and now, it's getting dark, all of a sudden it's light again, and you dive into the clear and  refreshing water: For 107 meters, the giant water slide twists down – absolute fun guaranteed!

The hot whirlpools

Young adults sitting in the hot whirlpool and relaxing.

The pure vacation feeling You can truly relax in the two hot whirlpools. At 36° C water temperature, just close your eyes, unwind and enjoy!

The whitewater channel

The whitewater channel is in operation, and a mother (with her son) lets herself be carried away in the current.

The whitewater channel: truly exciting and lively  In the midst of rapid current, vortices and bubbling water masses, you feel like a real adventurer in a raging river.