Three water polo players swim the crawl in the sports pool.

This is how to stay fit!

The sports area

Relaxed swimming or daring dives from the  5-m board: The Hot Springs World is also just right for sports enthusiasts.

In our sports area, numerous sports/fitness courses (such as Aqua-Jogging) also take place – you will find further information in the section "Course Program".

The sports pool

The sports pool photographed from above.

The 25-m-long sports pool has a temperature of 27 °C, and can be divided into six lanes – just the perfect place for you to swim some relaxed laps and exercise.

The divers' pool – a jump into the refreshing water!

A man dives from the 3-m board into the divers' pool.

Truly daring athletes can explore new heights in the divers' pool: From the diving board, take a plunge (one, three or five meters) down to the refreshing water, 26°C and four meters deep.


Eine 7m hohe Water-Climbing-Wand mit 3 verschiedenen Routen und unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsgraden machen das Klettern an dieser Wand zu einem echten Erlebnis!