• Two ice hockey players are chasing the puck.
  • On your blades, get set, go...

    A warm welcome to the Ice World!

    The blades glide across the ice, the wind tickles the skin - and the daily grind is far, far away: Treat yourself to a few hours' vacation: Visit the Weidener Ice World!

    The indoor ice rink is the right place for all ice athletes around Weiden: Skate a few leisurely laps - or dart across the ice like a weasel.
    Ambitious ice skaters try jumps and pirouettes, couples dance on blades across the "floor" - the more leisurely enjoy a round of Bavarian curling. At Blue Devils games, the ice hockey fans from the Oberpfalz region find what they're looking for.

    We look forward to your visit to the Weidener Ice World!