• Inside view of the indoor ice rink
  • Time for ice - almost year-round!

    Our ice rink in the stadium

    At the Weidener Ice World, you can enjoy the ice eight months a year: From September to mid-April, you can glide on blades at our indoor ice rink – then comes summer break.

    In early fall, it's time to take the ice skates out of the closet and touch them up. After all, in September, the Ice World starts up its new season.

    In our indoor ice rink, you have a lot of room: On 60 x 30 m (1,800 m2), you can let the blades glide, skate loops or practice spins – in any weather!

    Ice skating under the sky – The outdoor surface

    The sky is blue, the air is warm - and the sun's rays are reflected on the ice: Now put your skates on and get out there to the rink! On our outdoor ice rink, you can blow off steam on an area of 1,000 m2 (50 x 20 m).

    As a rule, the outdoor facility is open from late October to early March: This depends on the weather and the level of snow cover.