• The image shows a close-up of the ice skates available for rent at the ice hall.
  • Ice skate rental, blade cutting:

    Our service offering

    Rent ice skates

    Leisurely gliding or quick darting – you can enjoy this even without your own ice skates. Our rental service offers you top-quality  hockey skates and ice skates. We have sizes 5 to 14 1/2 available to fit just about anyone. We will gladly also rent out learner skates for those taking their very first steps on the ice.

    • Skate rental: 3.00 €
    • Learner skate rental: 1.00 € / hr.


    Blade cutting

    Even if your ice skates are dull, our service area has the solution! Our employees will immediately cut your blades to feel like new again.

    • Fine cut: 4.00 € / pair (lasts at least one day)
    • Rough cut: 7.00 €

    Curling-stone rental: 1.00 € / hr.