Fully accessible!

User guidelines for persons with disabilities

In the course of designing this Website, we have placed special emphasis on making this also legible and operable for people with various disabilities.

Key control via access keys

All major pages are accessible via shortcuts.

The following access keys are available uniformly throughout our Website:
0 Guidelines on accessibility
1 Start page
2 Current events
3 Special events
4 Ice World
5 Water Fun World
6 Sauna World
7 Contact Us
8 Site map, table of contents
9 Imprint

Access keys for individual browsers

Please consider that different browsers use different key combinations to activate the access keys:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Hold down the Alt key and press the access key. Then, confirm this by pressing Enter.

Mozilla Firefox

Press Shift, Alt and the access key

Google Chrome

Hold down the Alt key and press the access key

Safari and other browsers for the Macintosh

Hold down the CTRL key and press the access key

Persons with visual impairments

You can use the following shortcuts to adapt the display size for the Website:

STRG and + : Maximize the Website
STRG and - : Minimize the Website
STRG and 0 : Original size

For the completely blind, there are screen readers and Braille line support features available.

Links at the top of any page refer to the navigation, the content and this "Helpful Hints" page.

Problems with operation

Even so, if you should detect any barrier which impedes the use of this Website, then please contact us. We will make every effort to eliminate the barrier.